Red Mark On Foldable Joint


Red Mark On Foldable Joint

Red Mark On Foldable Joint 


   Cause :

Red mark on the foldable joint is the inflammation of the skin at the foldable joint such as the neck, armpit, groin, and foldable joint of arms and legs. The causes are skin friction at the joint, dampness, high temperature, and sweat.  

There is a red rash on the skin and the possibility of fungal infection, red bumps all around the edge of the rash. In case of bacterial infection, the red rash will become darker with a clear edge and bad smell.

   Treatment :

Avoid dampness at the foldable joint. Be careful with saliva, milk stain and sweat. Regularly clean with damp cloth and wipe it dry. Change the napkin regularly because the saliva on the cloth may cause irritation. Apply cream or lotion to coat the skin and provide moisture. Avoid using a powder with talcum since it causes skin irritation. 



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