Mosquito Bites


Mosquito Bites

Mosquito Bites

   Cause :

Mosquito bites depend on the immunity of each baby. When the baby is bit by the mosquito for the first time, they will be more allergic to it. General symptoms are having red bumps and itchy skin. The bump will remain for 20-30 minutes and will disappear. In the severe case or the baby who is seriously allergic to mosquito, the red bump will remain for several days or it will be more than 5 cm. in diameter. The bullae will get swollen with ecchymosis. In some cases, the baby will have urticarial all over the body in some cases with a loss of consciousness. In this case, the complication is a bacterial infection caused from the scratch that leaves a black mark.

   Treatment : 

For the newborn to the baby aged one year, use mild soap to wash and cold press on the bite or red bump to prevent and mitigate the swelling.
Use the safe and mild product to skin such as natural or organic products to relieve the swelling and stop inflammation that causes the black mark.



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