We believe that none of parents want their baby to be ill or have any physical or mental abnormality. However, because of the unfavorable environment, it might affect the sensitive skin of the baby, such as heat rash, allergy and diaper rash, which cause irritation to your baby from itching and burning skin.

Rash in the baby is the annoying problem for the parents worldwide. From the statistics, more than 50% of the 130 million newborns each year have the problem with rash, heat rash, swelling, and pityriasis alba which

  • worries the new parents,
  • obstruct the chance to take the baby photo during the significant stage, 
  • causes other disease if it spreads out.

   Fae & Mae
Certified Organic Baby Cream
Fae & Mae Products to prevent and relieve rashes certified by Ecocert Cosmos Organic, the organic product certification institute in France.

With the combination of more than 20 organic extracts certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and ECOCERT from France, you can be assured that your baby will be safe from chemicals and dangerous ingredients.

With Fae & Mae Organic Baby Cream, apply on the rashes to prevent and relieve inflammation and swelling from all types of rashes.
   Fae & Mae
Organic Calming Baby Lotion
“For 3 years we have devoted to producing the best and the most appropriate lotion for babies' skin.

With over 32 organic extracts from around the world (certified organic & natural ingredients), our lotion cream will remoisturize for 24 hours and strengthen the baby’s skin.

The lotion is without chemicals and the texture is easily absorbed without any sticky residue. It treats dry skin and protects from rashes, itching/uneven skin tone, and cracked skin.”

Why us ?
It can be used on babies of all ages including newborns. 
Top trending baby skin care products among moms
Contains organic products certified by global standard measures
One of the most popular products on social media concerning babies' skin care

Active Ingredients
Organic Shea Butter Shea Butter 
Shea Butter is a natural fat extracted from the nut of the Shea tree. It softens the skin and also adds moisture. Additionally, Shea butter can recover damaged skin cells.
Beeswax comes from bees. The highlight effect is its soft quality which has been used as an emollient for smooth skin.
Olea Europaea
olive fruit oil
This olive oil protects the epidermis and enhances the flexibility of the skin. It is a good skin protector and will prevent dryness.
Angustifolia Oill
This essential oil belongs to a small number of oil types in this world that could be used with the skin. It will not cause irritation like other essential oils. 
Heat Rash / Prickly Heat
The main cause is skin pores being obstructed so it cannot ...
Atopic Dermatitis
There are many causes of atopic dermatitis such as ....
Diaper Dermatitis 
Diaper dermatitis is one type of rash that causes the irritation to .....
Red Mark On Foldable Joint 
Red mark on the foldable joint is the inflammation of the skin at the ....
Mosquito Bites
Mosquito bites depend on the immunity of each baby. When the baby ....
Pityriasis Alba
caused by skin inflammation so the melanin granules functioning ....
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