Dry and flaky skin


Dry and flaky skin

Dry and flaky skin
What to do with the baby’s dry skin?

First of all, we need to understand the causes of dry skin. Baby skin is very sensitive and the moisture retention is inefficient so waster loss is faster than that in the adult.

When the skin is unable to adjust to suit the environment, it becomes dry and sheds itself. It would make the baby feel uncomfortable, irritated, itchy and rough. As a result, the skin will be darker.

   Main causes of the dry skin

  1. Dry weather, both in the house or outside. The cool or hot weather accelerates the loss of water from the baby skin. It not only causes the exfoliation but also a rash or skin disease.
  2. Bathing with too cold or too hot water since it washes the fat that is coating the skin away.
  3. Frequent bathing can wash away the natural oils protecting the skin. It is the misunderstanding of some parents who believe that frequent bathing increases skin moisture.
  4. Using the inappropriate soap for the baby, especially the soap with alkaline salt or that contains perfume, affects the baby’s skin. The natural and mild soap without perfume is the best soap for the baby.
  5. The baby wears unsuitable clothes. Some are made from synthetic fabrics which causes friction which leads to the exfoliation, especially if the baby’s skin is dry. Cotton fabric is recommended because it is soft and gentle to the baby’s skin.
  6. Do not swim in the chlorine swimming pool or the sea water with sodium for long periods since it affects the skin moisture and makes it dry easily.
  7. Not drinking enough water. Water is the main component of the body. The low level of water causes exhaustion. Likewise, lacking water easily causes dry and flaky skin.

   This article suggests tips for dry skin care.
  1. Avoid dust, long bathing or bathing with hot water because it encourages dry skin.
  2. Choose the mild skin products with no perfume and alcohol. Use the product at very low amounts.
  3. Clean the baby skin gently.
  4. Apply the cream after bathing every time to retain skin moisture.
  5. Do not wear the tight cloths because the baby will be uncomfortable from the irritation.
  6. Avoid inclement weather (too warm or too cold).

The baby skin needs a special care because it is very dry and sensitive.

The parents should look for the baby skin care product which contains the natural extracts. Is should also be gentle to the baby skin so it retains and stores moisture throughout the day.

With very best care…❤
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