It is said that women has high physical tolerance which is evident from the 9-month pregnancy. 
Only women who can feel and explain the second that another life exists to the world.
During pregnancy, each mother-to-be share the common experience such as cramp, back pain, hemorrhoids, and swollen feet.
After giving birth, particularly the woman who has been through the natural birth, the pain in perineum.
Each individual mother should have the method to relieve the pain.

What are the potential symptoms that may occur to the pregnant woman? 

Hemorrhoids - This is the condition that is mostly found in the pregnant woman which is very annoying from itching around an anus, the pain, and bleeding after excretion.

For the mother who has the natural birth, the main symptom is the pain in perineum.

Perineum - Number of mothers who have natural birth face the problem of painful and swollen perineum.

There are some methods to sooth such pain.

There are the efficient and popular methods among the mothers in foreign countries such as USA, UK and European countries, which are safe, simple and have no side-effect.

Because all mothers are brave to do the great mission, rewarding yourself is what you deserve.
 It is the first time of Thailand that we research and invent this innovation for Thai mothers. 

Pure organic Balm to take care of the mother and women’s problems.

Fae and Mae Organic Mother Bottom Balm

  Integrate the value of 9 natural and organic extracts in the pure balm that is 100% safe for the woman sensitive spot. 

  Organic product with animal or animal oil free so it is well absorbed and not sticky.

  Simply use at all time. Only apply on the perineum or hemorrhoids wound. Applicable for before and after giving birth to relieve the pain and feel relaxing after use. 

  Contain natural ingredients which inhibits vaginal candidiasis which is the cause of leucorrhea.

  Soft and relaxing scent from essential oil.
Active Ingredients
Activate wound healing by stimulate fibroblasts to build collagen for speedy skin healing and to strengthen skin layers.  Help to fade the scar.  

Organic Calendula Oil

Organic Calendula Oil produces new skin cells and restores skin cells for healthy looking skin. Minimize dry and rough skin, inflammation, infection and swelling.  


Sunflower Oil

Natural sunflower oil

One of the natural ingredients that nourishes skin with Omega 6, linoleic acid and Vitamin E

which make it good for skin, maintain the perfection of epidermis, and add moisture to skin.


Organic Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil is in mint family with anti-microbial action and anti-inflammation. 

The coolness relieves the muscle pain, prevents allergy and rash, and smoothens and softens skin.

 Why Fae and Mae Organic Mother Bottom Balm is the best for the mother? 

     It is the pure organic balm which suits the woman sensitive spot. 

   It can be used with the hemorrhoids wound and perineum while nourishing the woman’s important parts.  

   No side effect because it contains all natural and organic extracts.

   No chemicals such as steroid, alcohol, perfume, or petroleum. 

   Qualify the tested from French Institute of Dermatologists, DERMSCAN ASIA

   Fresh and premium organic extracts imported from worldwide for the production.

   Organic extracts are certified by ECOCERT, France, USDA, USA.

Because Woman Deserves the Best

Reward Yourself…



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